PTSA Homework Passes

Grafton Parents,

The following is a copy of the regulations for the homework pass for all student PTSA members. Please ensure that your student has their PTSA membership card to show their Teacher for redemption of the homework pass. Some Restrictions Apply: Please have your student check with their teacher first. If you have any questions, please e-mail the Membership Chair at
If you would like to join the PTSA but have not done so, send in your membership form with $8.00 per member to the front office or click on the link below to sign up on-line. There is a $0.65 charge for all debit/credit card transactions.

Thanks for helping to make this the best PTSA yet!!
Leah Whitten-Norris
PTSA Membership 2019-2020


The PTSA membership card is the homework pass.  A student must be a current PTSA member to be able to use their card as a homework pass.

  1. Not all GHS Classes are eligible
  2. Homework Pass must be approved by Teacher prior to use (teacher’s discretion)
  3. Student Must Present PTSA Membership Card each time the pass is used.
  4. Teachers will punch a hole on student’s membership card for each homework pass use, returning the card to the student (max: 2 hole punches per card).
  5. Only one (1) Homework Pass per class (i.e. only once for English, etc.)
  6. Teachers retain the right to deny homework pass
  7. Pass may be used anytime during the 2018-19 School Year
  8. Passes may not be used for formal assessment (i.e. reports/projects/graded assessments, etc. – approval at teacher’s discretion)