This is the lifeline of the GHS PTSA. The Volunteer Committee is the primary outlet for members to seek opportunities to volunteer for school activities, support projects, bake and/or service hospitality needs and assist teachers and staff with their needs (during school and after hours/at night or even on weekends). The goal is to be the link between the needs of our school and organization and our membership. Volunteers include PARENTS, TEACHERS, STUDENTS and LOCAL CITIZENS interested in volunteering at GHS. Some programs where volunteers are needed:
• Student Red and Blue Crew days (once per month during lunch blocks)
• After Prom Committee
• Hospitality Support – prepare foods, serve at functions, donate needed goods/supplies
• In-school Helping Hands – for teachers and staff as needed (copying. organizing etc)
• Classroom Aids – assist in classrooms for special projects, activities, field trips etc
• For more information click on Programs Tab then click on Volunteer


Where we build our organization from the ground up. There are potentially 3,000 people who could be a part of the GHS PTSA with students, parents and staff. This active group takes care of not only generating new members and renewing existing members; they also provide member benefits and activities for our membership. Most notable are the Red & Blue Crew for students, GHS Staff Member of the Month, discounts at local businesses for all members. The Committee looks to increase its membership every year.


Chartered as a partnership with the PTSA, school and local community sponsors. Includes focused activities, homework passes, school sponsored club activities and access to the PTSA Scholarship Program. Red & Blue Crew events are held monthly in the GHS Cafeteria during lunch breaks and all students and staff who are PTSA members can visit the RBC table to receive a ‘thank you’ treat.


Numbering nearly 100, the GHS staff are an equal partner in GHS PTSA success. To celebrate their role in our children’s future we hold a drawing each month for the Staff Member of the Month. They receive a certificate, a reserved parking space to use for the month and a t-shirt donated by Grafton Athletic Booster Club.


Members can use their membership card to receive exclusive benefits at local and national businesses. To view those, click on the Programs tab and then PTSA Benefits.
Students can use their membership card for a homework pass during the year. The card can only be used twice and in difference subjects and MUST be pre-approved by the teacher first.
Additional Benefits:
• The GHS Monday Message – a weekly w-mail with all the news and activities taking place at GHS and a key communicator between the school and PTSA members
• On-line access to the Student Member Directory
• On-line parenting resources
• The Member-to-Member network connecting the membership to Congress when help is needed on issues important to children, schools and families


This is not your typical school cake and cookies committee, it is much more at GHS. Our hospitality committee provides activities all year for members. Activities include support to the Red & Blue Crew, several meals and special promotions to the GHS staff, back to school night, baccalaureate and much much more. This the PERFECT committee for those busy parents who can support the PTSA by baking an item overnight or on a weekend of just donating cooking or serving supplies for the pantry.


Unfortunately, Prom nights see greater risks than other occasions when students can assert independence. Alcohol and drug use can accompany Prom night, putting our teens at risk for harmful physical side effects and traffic accidents. After Prom is a PTSA sponsored event providing prom-goers a safe and secure place to “party’ the night away. Hosted from 12:00am-4:00am this event has become as popular as the Prom itself. This is a self-supported event with the budget raised each year, party goers enjoy amusements, casino, great food, entertainment and thousands of dollars in prizes throughout the night all with a safe carnival vibe.


This is the most popular National PTA program conducted annually to recognize student achievement in the areas of visual arts, photography, musical composition and literature. This great student-parent-teacher involvement project builds student confidence and awareness for Arts in education. All GHS students may submit an entry. There is so much talent at GHS and we are thrilled to reward student efforts through this program.


Each year the PTSA sustains its national goal to promote the welfare of youth in home, school, community and worship by hosting the graduating class Baccalaureate in the school auditorium followed by a reception in the cafeteria. This is a truly memorable graduate and family experience that has become a prized GHS tradition.


The PTSA is proud to sponsor scholarships for Senior GHS PTSA Student Members. This financial scholarship recognizes student achievement in the areas of volunteerism and academic achievement. This is a great student-parent-teacher involvement program that builds confidence and awareness for active participation in the community. Graduating Seniors who are current PTSA members submit an application for consideration. There is so much community support at GHS that we look forward to rewarding student efforts.


Recognizing the need to make improvements to our school facility, the PTSA partners with school administration on projects inside and outside the school. Past projects have included the installation of the Clipper Anchor, construction of an outdoor classroom and new bulletin boards to name just a few. This program also sponsors Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout candidates focusing on larger projects to include the completed outdoor classroom, landscaping and other improvements.

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