November 15, 2016 Minutes



November 15, 2016


Attendance: Eve Mazaika (Vice President), Kaylin Haywood (Treasurer), Lynda Sabochick (Corresponding Secretary),  Latricia “Trish” Johnson (Recording Secretary), Gail Asher (Hospitality), Lynda Kramer (Reflections), Dave Hoegerman (Web Page),


Opening: Eve called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.


Approval of minutes:  Gail Asher made a motion to approve the minutes, David Hoegerman seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.


Treasurer Report:

  • Account balance: $3,203.62
  • $42 profit from Brax Sports Sales.
  • Kaylin has a check for Brent Blaha (the man that cooked the pork for the Back to School teacher’s luncheon). She has been unable to get a receipt from him so she can pay him.
  • Kaylin has posted the budget on the bulletin board.

Action Item: Gail knows Blaha’s wife and agreed to take the check to her and get the receipt.


President Report:

  • The Directory is done and will be uploaded to the PTSA website shortly.
  • Revised bylaws approved. A board member can serve in a position for 3-one year terms. There was a discussion about making the board positions 2 year terms.
  • A copy of the bylaws needs to go in each executive board members binder along with a 501C3 letter.
  • Citizenship essay contest deadline is February 1st.
  • Reflections State Level (VAPTSA) winner will be announced in “The Voice”
  • We’ll have a general membership meeting during the band concert. The concert is on December 14th at Tabb High School
  • We do not have a student representative for PTSA therefore no class report.

Action Item:  Board agreed to ask our students what’s going on in their grade for the class report.

  • Lip Sync contest cancelled due to lack of interest. It may come back in the spring if the fundraiser does not interfere with fundraising efforts for After Prom.
  • If you have inputs for the Monday Message please send to the Monday Message e-mail address, not directly to Shelley’s personal account.

Action Item: Sandra will talk to Mr. Hart about sending the Monday Message to all families at the school to show them what they are missing.

Action Item:  Looking at a Krispy Kreme fundraiser on December 9th.  Sandra will talk to Mr. Hart about the specifics.


Membership Report:

  • 894 members
  • Moore is the staff member of the month.
  • Red and Blue Crew on Friday, November 18, 2016. R&BC is serving Krispy Kreme donuts and hot cocoa.
  • In January, R&BC is asking Kohl’s Cares to help serve.
  • Donations were low in October. We recommend that membership advertise the need for donations for R&BC in the Monday Message and include a sign up genius.


Monday Message:

  • Shelly has been getting negative feedback about missing sports information on the Monday Message. The board agreed to eliminate the sporting results from the message to include championships. The Monday message will only list upcoming sporting events.
  • The board recommended that the office send out a quarterly message to the GHS parent and student body highlighting sports accomplishments.



  • 41 art entries from GHS students

Hannah McAllister, “An Explosion of Stories” – FIRST PLACE Visual Arts

Brittany Lawrence. “About the Life of a 16 year old” – FIRST PLACE Film Production

Sydney York, “Nikki” – FIRST PLACE Photography

Emma Bryant, “Story of My Life” – FIRST PLACE Dance Choreography

Katharine Lewis. “If These Walls Could Talk” – FIRST PLACE Literature

  • Reflections photos taken by yearbook photographer. One picture of all students who submitted entries and one picture of the 5 winners noted above.
  • List of entrants and winners posted on GHS PTSA website. Sent info to GHS PTSA and Grafton Clippers Facebook sites and requested it be posted.
  • Hand-wrote congratulation note to the 5 winners and included $20 AMC gift card.
  • Visual Arts/Photography entries displayed in art cases in cafeteria courtesy of Mrs. Ebersole. Requested art entries be returned through homeroom teacher when no longer on display.
  • Winning entries dropped off at YMS for next round of judging at County Level.
  • YCC PTA will recognize all first place entries from each school, as well as winners at the County level, on March 2 at YMS from 6-8pm. More info on that coming in November.
  • Peninsula District PTA Recognition and Honors – Awards will be given at an awards reception that will take place at the opening of a show of the works that make it to the Peninsula district level, for viewing at the annual meeting. Specifics TBD; usually in March.
  • 2018-19 National PTA Reflections Theme Search, submitted one GHS student entry on 11/7 to VA PTA.
  • 2017 Citizenship Essay Contest – “We the people…why vote?” Applications and complete rules can be found online at All applications must be postmarked by February 1, 2017 and mailed to Art Wayne, Virginia PTA Peninsula District Director. No late entries will be accepted.

Action Item:  Will e-mail essay information to Civics/Government teachers at GHS and ask that they share with students.

v 2017 Power Plates Contest – Power Plates is Virginia PTA’s student recipe program to encourage healthy eating habits. Students can enter their original, healthy recipes in three easy steps: write down the recipe, fill out the Student Entry Form, and take a picture of the dish. It is open to students from grades pre-kindergarten through 12. There are five categories: breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner entrée or side dish, and dessert. Visit for the official rules and entry form. Entries due by February 24, 2017 to Art Wayne, Virginia PTA Peninsula District Director.

Action Item:  Plan to advertise essay contest and power plate contest in December & January.

  • Lynda asked about classes that focus on nutrition or have a stove in the classroom. There is one class that teaches those skills.


Volunteers (Tricia O’Grady):

  • We had 69 volunteers and 252.5 volunteer hours for October.


Faculty Representative:

  • No faculty rep


Indoor/Outdoor beautification:

  • Hart has a list of things he’d like done. We’ll look into starting the projects in January.



  • The October 19, 2016 luncheon was popular. Texas Roadhouse donated baked potatoes and rolls. A few more staff members joined PTSA.
  • Some staff members were unable to attend the October 19 luncheon because they didn’t have a relief. The Hospitality Co-Chairs decided to provide delivery service at future events held during the lunch blocks.
  • The next event, stuffing mailboxes with bagged trail mix Monday, November 21.
  • The next luncheon is soup on December 13.


Web Page (David Hoegerman):

  • Internet security has been completed.
  • David set up generic e-mail addresses for each position that forwards e-mails to the appropriate person’s personal address. Everyone should have gotten a message from Google Mail by now.

Action Item:  Trish Johnson has not gotten an e-mail.  David will send again.

Action Item:  David needs to set up password for the GHS directory…any suggestions.


After Prom:

  • We do not have a chair but the 5K provisional booking dates are April 1st and April 15th. The preference is the 15th. Last year was not successful because the run was too close to spring break.
  • YMCA has been booked.



  • We do not have a chair but the ceremony has been scheduled for Sunday, June 14th. The room is booked we just need a speaker.


NEW Business: 

  • Send photos of your events to Kaylin and she’ll upload on Facebook. We’d like photos of students. Since we do not have a signed release to post other students photos then we’ll just post pictures of our own kids.


Upcoming Events:

  • 18 November – Red and Blue Crew
  • 21 November – Mail box delivery’s to teachers (Hospitality)
  • 13 December – Soup luncheon for teachers (Hospitality)
  • 14 December – General Membership Meeting (Tabb High School)


Eve adjourned the meeting at 8:05 pm.  The next meeting is a general membership meeting scheduled for December 14th at Tabb High School.