Meeting Minutes – February 20 2018

Meeting Minutes – February 20 2018



Executive Committee Meeting

February 20, 2018


Attendance: Sandra DiGangi (President), Whitney  Cataldo (Principal), Eve Mazaika (Vice President), Trish O’Grady (Volunteer), Kaylin Haywood (Treasurer), Gail Asher (Hospitality), Lynda Kramer (Corresponding Secretary), Nakeya Green


Opening: Sandra called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.


Approval of minutes:  Trish O’Grady made a motion to approve the minutes, Gail Asher seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.


Treasurer Report:

  • Account balance: $4,517.42 After Prom balance:  $7,082.20
  • Received $893.71 from – Barnes & Noble Book Fair ($607.71)/ Garden Flag sales (286.00).
  • Disbursed $203.75 for – Garden Flag fundraiser ($42.00)/Postage and Printing ($161.75).


Unfinished Business:

  • No forward movement on Community Involvement – volunteers have not yet been contacted.
  • PTSA database is up and running. Two records still missing from their database – they have 875; we have 877. Because they now control our member database, it is an option to opt out of the emails sent by State PTSA if you no longer want to receive them.
  • Mark Clark, New Horizons welding instructor (Woodside Lane campus), has been working with Grafton student Jake Wright to complete Grafton “G” and anchor metal plate templates to be used for decorative spray painting at Grafton. We are awaiting an invoice from him for the project.


President Report:

  • PTSA mission statement will be put on website. Darlene Heinz will run the website next year.
  • Still in need of a Vice President and a Recording Secretary for next year.
  • The Monday Message is now on the Grafton website. Because of numerous issues in members receiving it, the Monday Message has been moved to a place available to all.
  • Nakeya gave out a calendar of numerous events which can be recognized at the school (above and beyond Teacher Recognition, Bus Driver recognition, Principal Recognition, etc.).
  • Kohls Cares now goes by another name; in order to use it, the “financial side” of it has to be set up at the school.
  • New Horizons offers services available to the community, such as Dog Grooming, Doggy Daycare, Culinary Catering, and Bodywork on Cars.


Corresponding Secretary:

  • Prepared 7 staff birthday cards, 2 sympathy cards, and 1 baby congratulation card since last month’s meeting.


Principals Report:

  • Basketball regionals were being played during meeting.
  • Brandon Chu is student of the month.
  • Wallace Green is teacher of the year.
  • Special Education department received a grant of $2,500 for inclusion.
  • Yearbook won a national award.
  • Band had a great trip to Florida.
  • GHS has $10,000 to spend on new technology.
  • Spirit Week was last week; Spirit video was made.
  • Begin SOLs; the 11th grade writing SOL will be given.


Faculty Delegate:

  • No report


Class Representative:

  • No Report


After Prom:

  • We have all the chair positions filled except Logistics. We don’t need a volunteer until closer to the day so I am sure we will have someone soon.
  • Ticket sales are underway for the outback steakhouse dinner fundraiser. Tickets are $12.50. Dinner includes steak, chicken, baked potato, salad, dinner roll and beverage. We have a sign up genius out now for dessert, paper products and drink donations. The sign up will run in the Monday Message next week. We have dates set to sell during school activities; 26 Feb before the Spring sports information meeting, 5 March before the Winter Sports banquet, 6 March during After Prom meeting, and 6 – 8 March during lunch periods. Whitney Cataldo will also publicize for us on Connect Ed. We have sold 95 tickets and have 212 to go. If you know of someone that would like to purchase a ticket please let me know.
  • I have received a $1,000 donation from YCSD.
  • Our 5K fun run walk is March 24th. Fliers are out and parents are soliciting for donations.
  • I would like to see if I can get Kohl’s to come out and help with the event.



  • Sunday June, 10th. Speaking from Shipyard is a good idea, but this is a religious ceremony … maybe get someone else with religious ties.



  • No Report



  • Teachers and staff appreciated the mailbox treats on January 31st.
  • In January, 5 volunteers donated 7.3 hours.
  • Next teacher luncheon is February 21st … “Souper Lunch for Super Teachers”.


Special Projects:

  • No report


Membership Report:

  • Three new members … we’re up to 894 from 891.
  • Chips and salsa from Plaza Azteca was a huge hit – nearly 300 students and staff stopped by in January.
  • February cupcakes were also a huge hit. Again, nearly 300 students and staff enjoyed a homemade cupcake.
  • Teacher of the month is Aaron McQuillan.
  • Most likely will increase PTSA membership fee to $7 next school year.


Monday Message:

  • No official report. Information has been provided in President’s report.



  • York County winners for Reflections were announced on Dec 5th
  • Hannah McAllister received Outstanding Interpretation (1st place) for the Visual Arts Category.
  • Emma Bryant received Award of Excellence (2nd place) for Dance category.
  • Davon King received Award of Excellence (2nd place) for Photography category.
  • Brian Choi received Award of Merit (3rd place) for Literature category.
  • York County Council Awards Ceremony is March 1st @ YMS. All first, second, and third place County level winners were invited to attend through a letter sent by Pam Abercrombie.
  • Peninsula District winners for Reflections were announced on Feb 15. York County represented well in District entries.
  • Hannah McAllister received Award of Merit for the Visual Arts Category in District judging (2nd place).
  • The Peninsula District Council Awards ceremony will be held March 29 at YMS, 630pm.
  • GHS Junior, Haley Kramer, was one of 5 students from state of Virginia whose 2019-2020 PTA Reflections program theme entries will be advancing to National PTA judging. Results should be announced in March 2018,



  • We had 31 people who volunteered 77.3 hours in January (excluding After Prom).


Web Page:

  • Darlene Heinz has agreed to take care of the website next year.


Sandra adjourned the meeting at 7:59 pm.  The next board meeting is Thursday, March 22nd, at 7pm.