Executive Committee Meeting April 16, 2018


Meeting Minutes – April 16 2018





Attendance: Sandra Di Gangi (President), Eve Mazaika (Vice President), Kaylin Haywood (Treasurer),Gail Asher (Hospitality), Lynda Kramer (Reflections and Corresponding Secretary), Darlene Heinz, David Hoegerman (Web Design), Tricia O’Grady (Volunteers), Michele Nelson (Baccalaureate)


Opening: Sandra called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm.


Approval of minutes:  Darlene Heinz made a motion to approve the minutes, Lynda Kramer seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.


Treasurer Report:

  • Account balance: $4,512.35
  • Receipt – $10 for hospitality donation and $12 for dues for 2 members
  • Disbursement – $44.88 Hospitality


  • After Prom balance: $3221.27
    • Receipt – $2050 5K sponsors, $980 5k registrations, $191.27 outback bake sale donations
    • Disbursement – $1632.25 5k run costs, $1542.34 door prizes & prize store


Unfinished Business:

  • Still waiting for templates from Jake Wright at New Horizons. Remaining monies will be put towards inside refurb next year.


President Report:

  • Completed the Mission Statement and will ask David to upload to web page.
  • Trish has confirmed with Mr. Kirsch for 10 mins at start of concert on 3rd June for us to vote in new Board. We have a Recording Secretary – Shannon George and hopefully we have a VP too as Martha Owens has said she will do it if nobody else comes forward
  • Continue to have issues with Monday Message, this time with Shelley’s computer that died. Between her and I we got it out though.
  • All Board documents to be added straight to google docs in future.
  • Scholarship info has been in MM for last 2 weeks. Nothing as of Friday.
  • Darlene Heinz taking over from David as Web Design


Corresponding Secretary:

  • Sent birthday cards for all staff birthdays through April. Please let me know if any other cards (birth, condolences, etc.) need to be sent.  Card for Rhonda Chapman.





Principals Report:

  • Kristen Falk named Regional Librarian of the Year
  • Art Show!! We made the most money ever with Empty Bowls and one of the biggest turn out of visitors
  • 30 students attended a VHSL Leadership Conference this past weekend, 4/13-4/15
  • AP Parent Night – 4/17
  • Spring Musical – The Sound of Music 4/19-4/21
    • Shows at 7:00pm every night and 2:00pm on Saturday
    • Tickets $8 in advance, $10 at the door
    • Tickets may be purchased in the main office
  • AP and SOL prep
    • AP exams begin May 7, 2018 SOLs begin May 21
      • Letters will be sent home the week of May 7 with more details of dates, times and schedules
    • Week of May 7 – Prom, Class Day and After Prom tickets go on sale
    • May 10 – Choral Concert
    • May 11 – Early release


Faculty Delegate:

  • No report


Class Representative:

  • No Report


After Prom:

  • The committee chairs that have things to set up in the YMCA are meeting with David the Y rep on Wednesday at 5:00. There were 2 ladies that couldn’t make it on Wednesday so we are meeting on Thursday at 5:30.
  • Committee chairs that still have supplies in the storage unit are meeting the Logistics chair at the Storage unit on Saturday at 2:30 to move their items to the second storage unit that was given to us by Morningstar storage. I have a second storage unit reserved. We have I254.  They are letting us use H239 as a staging area.
  • I will send an e-mail out this week with details about buying tickets. Students/Parents have to complete the senior packet and a guest packet if they are bringing someone. The info and packets have been posted on the graftonafterprom and PTSA website.
  • We have not met our prize budget goal. We still have a few Upcoming Fundraising Events:

Red Mango – 15 – 20 April

Carwash – April 21 from 9:00 – 2:00

Mr.  Grafton ticket sales – 24 – 26 April during lunch blocks

Mr. Grafton – April 28 at 7pm

Sweet Frog – April 28 from 3:00 – 11:00

After Prom ticket sales: 7 – 10 May





  • The baccalaureate Service will be held on Sunday, June 10, 2018 @4:00pm in the GHS Auditorium
  • Pastor Dr. Cynthia R. Higgins, First Presbyterian Church in Hampton has agreed to deliver the message at Baccalaureate this year. She was recommended to us by Martha Owens
  • Half sheet flyers with details of the event were given to Ms. Logan on April 10th for inclusion in the senior packets
  • I have been in contact with Ms. Edwards to coordinate music for the service. I will soon make initial contact with other faculty members who will be supporting the event
  • I am making contact with some local businesses to seek donations to offset expenses.
  • I am currently working on the program, and script as well as coordinating details of the service and reception

Questions for the Board


  • Who will make the opening remarks?
  • Would Ms. Cataldo like to speak during the service?
  • Advertising – how to put something on Facebook page
  • Email invite to senior families only
  • Announcements in school – reach the students but not the parents

Please help us to spread the word to Senior families that Baccalaureate is a special farewell ceremony and a time for graduating seniors to hear an inspirational message and receive a blessing before moving on to their next endeavors.



  • No Report



  • Mailbox stuffer in March right before Spring Break was candy and an appreciation note.
  • In March, 25 volunteers donated 11 hours
  • Our next Teacher Lunch is this Wednesday, April 18, 2018. It’s a Taco Bar with crunchy and soft tacos, taco salad in tortilla bowls, fruit and desserts
  • Hospitality should have received $60 in donations the end of March through April 11. Who donated?
  • The Hospitality chairs and Taco Bar helpers will brainstorm Teacher Appreciation week ideas as well as appreciation ideas for other school positions during the Taco Bar. We welcome contructive input from everyone. Last year we stuffed mailboxes twice and had a self service Make Your Own Snack Mix Bar on Friday.
  • We need to find the best reasonably priced fried and grilled chicken in this area for the June Picnic teacher lunch. We used Farm Fresh last year but they have closed. Where do you recommend?


Special Projects:

  • No report


Membership Report:

  • We have 897 members
  • April has no RBC
  • Staff Member of month for April is Anita Petit


Monday Message:

  • No report



  • The 2018-2019 program theme is “Heroes Around Me.”  Lynda plans on sharing this information with GHS teachers/students in Monday Message.



  • We had 74 volunteers with 367 hours in March.


Web Page:

  • No report


Sandra adjourned the meeting at 7:49 pm.  The next board meeting is Tuesday, May 15 at 7pm.