Tuesday 18th October 2016 Minutes

GHS PTSA Board Meeting 


  • Call meeting to order at 7:01pm.


Members Present:

  • Sandra DiGangi, President
  • Eve Mazaika, Vice-President
  • Lynda Sabochick, Corresponding Secretary
  • Gail Asher, Hospitality Chair
  • Linda Kramer, Reflections Chair
  • Tricia O’Grady, Volunteer Chair
  • David Hoegerman, Web Page Chair
  • Rhonda Chapman, Faculty Rep


  • Minutes approved at 7:03pm.


  • Unfinished Business: 


  • Survey Monkey comes off the next Monday Message
  • No class level reporters yet ; talk to Mr. Hart
  • Ken Matthews – sending to letter to ask for suggestions/donations for Outdoor Beautification (Grafton Complex sign)
  • Darlene Heinz, York County PTSA Treasurer was present
  • David Hoegerman – he has purchased the internet security software; it still needs to be installed



  • Executive Committee


  1. Treasurer’s Report (Lynda Sabochick – Kaylin Haywood was out)


  • Money Minder software – determined to be not worth the price
  • Will combine the regular PTSA and After Prom account
  • Regular PTSA account balance as of 10/18/16 is $3,362.52
  • After Prom account balance as of 10/18/16 is $5,996.37
  • Officer Information, Audit, Tax return filed with the State and Local PTA
  • Initial State dues paid for 840 members $3,150, York county $100 dues paid



  1. President’s Report (Sandra DiGangi)


  • Executive Board proposed 2-year terms for board members
  • Attended YCSD PTSA Meeting on October 13, 2016
  • Missing After Prom chairperson
  • Need to post the PTSA Financial Report on the GHS PTSA bulletin board
  • Need to post PTSA Monthly Meeting minutes on the GHS PTSA bulletin board
  • Currently have 68 points for PTSA requirements; the goal is to have at least 101 out of the 113 possible points by the end of the school year (a $100 award is given to the YCSD with the highest total points)
  • Identify and request a few of the juniors who attended last year’s Prom and After Prom to write up a brief, positive paragraph about their experience
  • David Hoegerman is setting up general emails for all the executive board members
  • The Lip Sync Battle is going forward; date is November 10th, which is a Thursday evening (Veteran’s Day Weekend). Sandra will contact Roman Alis (GMS) for assistance with lighting and sound



  1. Corresponding Secretary’s Report (Lynda Sabochick)


  • Staff cards celebrating birthdays and babies have been distributed to staff for the month of October




  • GHS Representative ( Staff Member – Mrs. Chapman)


  • Teachers want to help, but don’t know now … also, they are not sure how and what they are able to ask us for help with
  • Want to add Facebook and Twitter to the Monday Message (will send to Shelley Sojak)
  • Club info will be put into Monday Message; the club sponsors must supply this information in order for this to be a success
  • Identify and request a few of the juniors who attended last year’s Prom and After Prom to write up a brief, positive paragraph about their experience





  • Standing Committee Reports


  1. After Prom – vacant
  2. Baccalaureate – vacant
  3. Historian – vacant
  4. Hospitality (Gail Asher)
  • Interim Treat of M&M’s … Latricia Johnson decorated containers. This was the last all-faculty event.  Future events are for PTSA members only.
  • Teacher Luncheon … tomorrow, Wednesday, October 19th. Texas Roadhouse is donating baked potatoes, rolls, sour cream, and butter.
  • Next event is mid-November … mailbox stuffing, probably G.O.R.P.


  1. Indoor/Outdoor Beautification – vacant
  2. Membership (Sandra DiGangi)
  • PTSA membership is at 867.
  • We have increased our membership by 3.2%.
  • Continuing to get on-line sign ups.
  • Staff Member of the Month for October is Mrs. Bissette.
  • Next Red & Blue Crew will be Trick or Treat on Friday, October 28th.
  • Received $500 from the Kohls Cares program.
  • Received $143 from Kroger for 18 households registered. As of October 17th, we have 27 households.
  • Homecoming ticket winner have been drawn from PTSA student members. Winners have been notified.
  • Of the 85 instructional staff members, 88% have joined PTSA.
  1. Monday Message (Shelley Sojak) – send messages to ghsptsa@gmail.com and all by close of business on a Friday
  2. ***Reflections*** (Lynda Kramer) – please see Lynda’s original report at end of notes, after Adjournment (section 9)
  3. Volunteers (Tricia O’Grady)
  • 29 volunteers have worked a total of 210 hours.
  • President and Vice-President are to report hours separately.
  1. Website (David Hoegerman) – nothing new to report



  • New Business

No new business to report.


  • Announcements/Next Meeting
  • There were no announcements.
  • The next PTSA Board meeting will be, Tuesday, November 15th, at 7pm. It will be held in the Principal’s Conference room. (This information has been added after the meeting.)




  • Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 8:02pm.

***Reflections Notes*** – October 18th PTSA meeting


Reflections “What is Your Story” Art Competition

  • 41 art entries in 5 of the 6 categories from GHS students
    • 21 Visual Arts
    • 11 Photography
    • 4 Literature
    • 3 Film Production
    • 2 Dance Choreography
  • At least 2 SME judges for each category’s judging.
  • Judging to be completed this week.
  • October 31 deadline to turn in GHS PTSA first place entries to Pam Abercrombie. Drop off GHS Entries at Yorktown Middle School in a box labeled PTA Reflections Entries.
    • Turn in Local Unit Participation Form with 1st place entries
    • Need to determine packing materials needed
  • York County Council PTA Recognition and Awards – YCC PTA will recognize all first place entries from each school, in each category/division, as well as winners at the County level, on March 2 at YMS from 6-8pm. More info on that coming in November.

First Place Winners as of 10/18/16

Hannah McAllister     An Explosion of Stories – FIRST PLACE Visual Arts

Brittany Lawrence     The Documentary About the Life of a 16 year old – FIRST PLACE Film Production

Sydney York                Nikki– FIRST PLACE Photography

  • Materials provided to judges.
  • Dance Choreography. Material provided to judges.

2018-19 National PTA Reflections Theme Search

  • Information posted on website and in 10/17 Monday Message
  • Posters hung at school
  • Folder in main office for any student submitted entries.
  • October 28: Due date for GHS Theme Search student entry forms.
  • November 7: GHS Theme Search entry forms due to VA PTA.

Discussion Items for PTA:

Reflections Recognition:

  • Recognize all 41 entries with:
    1. Personal letter to students; delivered through homeroom teacher.
    2. Announcement in Monday Message
    3. Principal Hart to post on GHS TV
    4. Photograph of all 41 students with art work, where feasible, during 2AB block on day during week of Oct 23. Send list to Principal Hart with students and he will work with teachers to pick best date.
    5. Visual Arts/Photography entries displayed in art cases in cafeteria
  • Recognize 5 first place winners with:
    1. $20 VISA gift card (for art supplies)
    2. Monday Message post and PTSA Facebook post
    3. Morning announcements and Clippers Facebook post
    4. Picture of first place winners (and their entries, where feasible) for the PTSA Yearbook Page
    5. Certificate from GHS PTSA
    6. March 2 at YMS from 6-8pm at York County Council PTA Recognition and Awards
  • Return art entries through homeroom teacher