January 2019 ~ Executive Board Meeting Minutes

GHS PTSA Ex.Board Meeting January 2019

October ~ Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes – October 16

October ~ General Membership Meeting

General Member Meeting Oct 4 2018

Sept Executive Board Meeting Minutes

GHS PTSA ExecBoard Meeting Sept 14 2018

PTA Proposed Legislature Survey

The Virginia PTA needs your vote on Four proposed legislature viewpoints that interest you the most.

Please take a few moments to take the short one question survey to let your voice be heard.

The link is listed below and all responses must be received by October 6, 2018.


PTSA Monthly Executive Board Meeting

The next PTSA Executive Board Meeting is Tuesday, Sept. 18 at 6:30 pm

August 21,2018 – Executive Board Meeting Minutes


Executive Committee Meeting

August 21, 2018

Attendance: Nakeya Green (President), Courtney Engel (Vice President), Kaylin Haywood (Treasurer), Latricia Johnson (Monday Message), Gail Asher (Hospitality), Lisa Fazenbaker (Hospitality), Camisha Dickenson (Hospitality), Darlene Heinz (Webmaster), Whitney Cataldo (Principal)

Opening: Nikki called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.

Approval of minutes:  Darlene Heinz made a motion to approve the July 24, 2018 minutes, Lisa Fazenbaker seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer Report:

  • Account balance: $3,575.70               After Prom balance:  $6,002.33
  • Taxes filed with IRS and a copy was provided to VA PTA.
  • Kaylin presented the proposed budget for 2018 – 2019. Gail Asher made a motion to approve the proposed budget.  Camisha Dickenson seconded the motion.  The proposed budget and audit will be posted on the PTSA website and the PTSA bulletin board for 30 days.  The proposed budget and audit will be presented at the general membership meeting on September 18th for approval.
  • We need to encourage families to register or renew their Kroger card with GHS PTSA. You can renew online.

President Report:

  • Nakeya attended the regional PTA training August 11th and shared the following note:
    • We can have electronic meetings or meeting using conference calls. We can not have an electronic meeting if a vote needs to be taken.
  • PTA has 4 proposed new legislatures to be considered this year. They are:
    • Virginia PTA supports legislation that implements and fully funds resources to support students’ mental health needs.
    • Virginia PTA supports legislation that implements and funds school safety measures and the effective use of Threat Assessment Teams to improve the learning environment of our public schools.
    • Virginia PTA supports legislation and policies that incorporate career and technical education (CTE) into K-12 classrooms, paying special attention to real-life career options and opportunities for training.
    • Virginia PTA supports legislation and policies that seek to recruit and retain effective educators, especially in high-poverty areas, remote locations and hard to fill positions.
  • The vote for the proposed legislation will be taken using survey monkey. Nikki will contact YCC PTA to see if they are creating an online voting option that we can share in the Monday Message.
  • This year we’d like to implement a program called Chalk the Walk. We use sidewalk chalk to write motivational messages on the sidewalk around the school.  We’ll write phrases such as “This way to success”, “Be Kind”, and “Do Well”.  Kroger has spray chalk or volunteers can pick up sidewalk chalk from the Dollar Tree.
  • During the teacher’s luncheon Nikki will have a suggestion box labeled “sail away to success” to get input from the teachers on ways the PTSA can support them.
  • PTSA will raffle off prizes to the teachers during the luncheon.
  • Nikki will implement a new program that uses the SAIL initiative started by Mrs. Cataldo. SAIL stands for Safety, Attitude, Integrity and Leadership. Each quarter teachers will be asked to submit a name that coincides with the letter for the quarter.  First quarter is S.  Second quarter is A.  Thirds quarter is I and the forth quarter is L.  The names will be placed in a hat by grade level and one name will be pulled from each hat.  The winners will receive a certificate and a $10 gift card.
  • We need a Reflections chair. We will advertise in the Monday Message and via ConnectEd.
  • During BTSN we need to stand out. We will wear name tags with our name and position. Nikki is buying blinking light necklaces for the executive board and committee chairs to wear to set us apart from all the other organizations.
  • Nikki would like to find ways to support students and teachers directly by offering tutoring.
  • We need more student involvement with the PTSA. In the past we have tried to get student leaders to attend (class leaders & SCA). This year we will try to get involvement by reminding the students they get volunteer hours for attending.  We will reach out to all students and we can bring our own students to the meetings to get input.

Principals Report:

  • Fall Sports, One Team. Coach Parker has started a program whereas each sport does a community service project.
  • Band Camp – Show this year is redemption
  • All teachers return August 22 – scavenger hunt then heading to putt putt golf
  • August 28 – Clipper Community Outreach – Taking backpacks filled with school supplies to neighborhood communities on the school bus to give away.
  • August 29 – Student orientation from 8:30 – 10:30, Snack break and membership drive at 10:30. We can ask the Athletic boosters if we can use their popcorn machine.
  • New hires: English – Ryan Sinclair, Kari Papas, Amy Brown (part time)

Science – Traci Fairheart

Social Studies – Kaylee Pierce

CTE – Kenneth Rolon

Math, Head football coach – Brandon Jarvis

PE – Kendell Lybert (JV Girls Soccer coach), Brooke Feiner (part time & Head Field Hockey Coach)

Offer made for attendance secretary

Assistant Principal – George Page

School Resource Officer (SRO) – Thomas Estes

  • We are numbering the parking spaces and students will be assigned a specific parking spot.

Corresponding Secretary:

  • No Report


Faculty Report:

  • No Report


Class Reports:

  • No Report



  • We inventoried our supplies and Camisha bought what we need.
  • The first Teacher “Lunch” is a Breakfast bar at Play A Round on Wednesday, Aug 22. We only asked for monetary donations because the event is earlier than usual.  We bought or made all breakfast selections.  We’ll have five stations set up so teachers can choose their breakfast items quicker.
  • We will have separate appreciation events for the custodians and bus drivers in conjunction with YCSDs Appreciation Days for them. We show appreciation for all other YCSD Grafton High School subgroups every month with either a lunch or mailbox treat so we will not have separate events for each subgroup. We will put an announcement in the PTSA Monday Message for each YCSD Appreciation Day/Week.
  • Whitney Cataldo will contact the YCSD to find out when we are recognizing custodians, bus drivers and nurses.
  • Nikki will email YCC PTA President to find out when we are recognizing custodians, bus drivers and nurses.



Membership Report:

Category May
Parents 417
9th Grade 115
10th Grade 95
11th Grade 101
12th Grade 74
Special Ed
Total Students 383
Staff 99
Total 901


  • We ended last year with 901 members which is 15 members less than 2016-17.
  • Will not be partaking in Staff Welcome Back Breakfast. Eve is working with Whitney on a date for staff membership drive. Eve will need a couple of volunteers.
  • Everything is printed and ready for back to school functions – membership cards/Kroger instructions/homework pass instructions/PTSA discounts, pens.
  • Sandra is working on getting volunteers for Open House (August 29), if anyone is available from 8:15-11:00 we would be very appreciative.
  • Gail will hopefully be able to provide us with 4 laptops so people can join on-line at Open House.
  • At least 5 people have joined on-line directly with National PTA. We have a couple of questions about this for VA PTA which we are waiting the answers to.  We will encourage our members to join up with us and then upload that info as we did last year until we are confident that the system at National is fully operational.  Some of our issues last year were never solved.
  • Back to School Night is Thursday 13th September and we will need volunteers that night.
  • Red & Blue Crew – Friday 28th September – Ice Cream Sundaes.


  • We need a chair
  • The theme is “Heroes Around Me”
  • Nikki will contact the Art and English teachers to get their help in pushing the initiative in class.

Monday Message:

  • We are using MailChimp to send out the Monday Message. The first message will go out Sunday, August 26th.


  • No Report

 Web Page:

  • Darlene is getting up to speed with the website.


After Prom:

  • Sandra would like to confirm the date of Prom 2019 because it is much later than the last few years. If it is 1st June 2019 then After Prom will be 2nd June 12:00am – 4:00am.
  • We have a tentative date of April 20th for the 5K. It is on the calendar with Denise Smith and Sandra has emailed the 2 parents who are willing to take care of it again and is waiting to hear back from them regarding their availability.
  • We have chairs for the Prize Store and Food.
  • Sandra will approach the new SRO to make sure he can be available once I know the date is the 2nd
  • I will hold the first meeting in October once Guidance has input the info from the student record cards that parents complete. That way I will be able to get a full list of all senior parent emails.


  • Juanita Jones and Latricia Johnson are chairing this committee.

Special Projects:

  • We have $2,000 for a special project. We discussed updating the teachers lounge.  Whitney is looking at ideas.
  • The stencils have been completed and Whitney will ask Coach Parker if she can get students together to paint the sidewalk as part of a service project.

Upcoming Events:

  • 29 August at 8:30am – Student Orientation/Open House
  • 29 August at 10:30 am – Teacher snack break and membership drive
  • 4 September – first day of school
  • 4 September – Hospitality mailbox treats
  • 10 September – First Monday of school mailbox treats
  • 13 September at 6:30 – Back-to-School-Night
  • 28 September – Red/Blue Crew – Ice Cream Sundae


Nikki adjourned the meeting at 8:26 pm.  The next meeting is scheduled for September 18, 2018 at 6:30 pm.


Meeting Minutes – Executive Board Meeting – 7/24/18


Budget Proposal Mtg Minutes

July 24, 2018


Attendance:  Nakeya Green- President, Courtney Engel- Vice President,            Kaylin Haywood- Treasurer, Shannon George- Recording Secretary.

Kaylin Haywood called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm.

Approval of minutes:  Shannon George approved minutes from June 3, 2018 meeting and Courtney Engel second.

Treasurer’s Report:  Kaylin discussed the SY 18-19 proposed budget and changed some line items.

Starting balance for PTSA- $3575.70

Starting balance for After Prom- $6,002.33

President’s Report:  Nakeya expressed how she would like for the PTSA to give more to all grades, teachers, increase membership, and get more students involved.  The present board members agreed and discussed various ways we could accomplish this goal for the new school year.  Fall sport and SY 18-19 schedule/calendar were handed out.

Nakeya expressed how Mrs. Cataldo would like to see more Teacher Appreciations before Winter Break.  She would also like to see more of a streamline calendar.  It was suggested that the PTSA meetings be moved to 6 pm if possible to help with everyone’s schedules.

Upcoming Events:  August 22, 2018 is the “Back to School” Breakfast.  Hospitality will provide the breakfast, setup is 8:00 am and staff will be arriving at Play A Round Family Fun Center at 8:30 am.

June 1st– Prom

June 14th– Graduation and GHS is the first graduating class 😊

Adjournment:  Nakeya adjourned the meeting at 8:04 pm.  Next meeting will be voted on via email.

Executive Committee Meeting – May 15, 2018


Executive Committee Meeting

May 15, 2018

Attendance:  Eve Mazaika (Vice President), Kaylin Haywood (Treasurer),Gail Asher (Hospitality), Whitney Cataldo (Principle), Lisa Fazenbaker (Hospitality), Shannon Davies, Trish Johnson (Recording Secretary), Nakeya Green

Opening: Eve called the meeting to order at 7:06 pm.

Approval of minutes:  Gail Asher made a motion to approve the minutes, Lisa Frazenbaker seconded, and the motion was unanimously approved.

Treasurer Report:

  • Account balance: $5,013.68
  • Receipt – $60 donated to hospitality, $628.90 received this quarter from Kroger, and $12 received from 2 members joining.
  • Disbursement – $22.50 was sent to state PTA for 6 members, we paid an online fee of $.07 and hospitality spent $177.

 After Prom balance: $11,137.40

    • Receipt – received $5,901.86 from fundraisers and donations
    • Disbursement – spent $8806.23 for activities and prizes

President Report:

  • We have not received any applications for the scholarship as of today
  • Nakeya attended the YCC board meeting
  • Sunday, June 3rd we will present the new board for elections prior to the band concert at 2:00pm
  • Please add the documents you are working on to google docs from now on to make it easier to share with incoming board members

Corresponding Secretary:

  • Sent birthday cards to staff, one get well card and one condolence card.

Principals Report:

  • Condolences: Fred Hilder, guidance office, passed away
  • Spring Musical was amazing and was a great collaboration with elementary school, middle school and high school students
  • 3-D Event is showing now on the community channel and was shown in school. It’s a video starring Grafton students take show the effects of drinking and driving on the person, the family and community
  • Grafton pageant was held this month.
  • Teaching positions – Vice Principal – Karen Moore is retiring this year
  • AP exams & SOLs are coming up soon
  • Teacher Appreciation week was amazing. Thank you so much for your love and support
  • YCSD Star Banquet – We honor people in the division
  • 200 Men Scholar’s Breakfast recognizes African American boys in the community even if they weren’t present
  • NHS induction – May 16th
  • SCA Campaigns are going on now
  • Prom/After Prom – May 19/20
  • Senior class day (breakfast) – May 25
  • APHG Service Learning celebration – donate animals
  • Blood drive sponsored by NHS – June 1st
  • Band concert – June 3rd

Faculty Delegate:

  • No report

Class Representative:

  • No Report

After Prom:

  • Our Plaza Azteca fundraiser brought in $270.
  • We have met our fundraising goals and are ready for the big event.


  • The baccalaureate Service will be held on Sunday, June 10, 2018 @4:00pm in the GHS Auditorium
  • Pastor Dr. Cynthia R. Higgins, First Presbyterian Church in Hampton has agreed to deliver the message at Baccalaureate this year. She was recommended to us by Martha Owens


  • No Report


  • In April, 34 volunteers donated 67 hours.
  • Our last Teacher Lunch is a Picnic in the Library, probably on Wednesday, June 6.
  • The Taco Bar Teacher Lunch on Wednesday, April 18, 2018, was well attended.
  • We need guidance in planning next year’s appreciation events. Are we doing something for every Appreciation Day/Week? What and when is the school (vs PTSA) doing Appreciation events so we don’t duplicate or plan on the same day? What is our budget for multiple Appreciation events?

Response:  We plan to recognize staff members to include custodians and bus drivers.  We can set our own schedule or do activities in line with York County.  Nakeya will work on a schedule for next year.

Special Projects:

  • The templates should be done on Friday.

Membership Report:

  • We have 899 members
  • Friday’s Red and Blue Crew is Sundaes
  • Staff Member of month for May is Janet Pierce (Special Ed Para)

Monday Message:

  • We are using Mail Chimp next year


  • No Report


 Web Page:

  • No report

New Business:

  • Nakeya mentioned that we should have a teacher representative and a student representative at the board meetings to get feedback from them. She recommended we get kids from leadership class to be the student rep. We have teacher and student representatives but they have not been attended board meetings.

Eve adjourned the meeting at 7:45 pm.  Our next general membership meeting is Sunday, June 3rd at 1:45 in the GHS auditorium. The next board meeting is Tuesday, June 12 at 6pm at Plaza Azteca.  This is our turnover meeting.  Please bring your binders to pass to the incoming board member.


General Membership Meeting – June 3, 2018


June 3, 2018

Call to Order at 1:50 by Sandra DiGangi

  • Sandra presented the nominee for the 2018-2019 Grafton PTSA executive board.
    • Corresponding secretary – Kristin Teubert
    • Recording Secretary – Shannon George
    • Treasurer – Kaylin Haywood
    • Vice President – Courtney Engel
    • President – Nakeya Green
  • We did not receive any nominations from the floor
  • Sandra asked for a motion to approve the nominees. Rachel Nau made the motion.  Randy Tabor seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.
  • Sandra DiGangi asked for a motion to approve the May 15th minutes. Michele Nelson made the motion.  JoAnne Christie seconded the motion.  The motion was approved.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:55